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Radical Optimism | handwritten album notebook

Radical Optimism | handwritten album notebook

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Released: 3rd May 2024

This 192 page deluxe book includes copies of Dua’s personal notebook pages in which she documented the writing process and creative journey of the making of Radical Optimism.

Complete with exclusive photo collages, handwritten lyrics, journal prompts, blank pages, and calendars for you to use to create projects of your own. 

additionally contains the radical optimism cd and hand signed art card.


  • Scanned Dua Lipa handwritten lyrics 
  • Radical Optimism CD
  • journal Prompt Pages
  • Blank and editable calendar pages 
  • Blank notebook pages
  • art card
  • 192 pages
  • paper bound notebook


  1. end of an era
  2. houdini
  3. training season
  4. these walls
  5. whatcha doing
  6. french exit
  7. illusion
  8. falling forever
  9. anything for love
  10. maria
  11. happy for you
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